The 2018 NEWG Encampment is no longer accepting applications for this year’s activity.


Please mail all encampment applications and all required forms to:

Nebraska Wing Encampment
P.O. Box 13402
Offutt AFB, NE 68113
• DO NOT MAIL TO National HQ, Region, or Wing mailing address. This will delay processing the application and could result in losing a slot for the activity.
• DO NOT E-MAIL applications to the encampment.

Encampment Operations Order   Read First!!


Cadre Cadet Application Package – Due 14 April 2019

Cadet cadre are cadets serving in the positions flight sergeant and above, to include cadets in administrative support roles. Collectively, the students and cadet cadre constitute the cadet corps.

Senior Staff Application Package – Due 14 April 2019

Senior Staff are adult CAP members who supervise and mentor the cadet corps.

Student Cadet Application Package – Due 21 June 2019

Students are “in ranks” non-staff member cadets. Because their primary responsibility is to learn, they are called “students.”

Key Encampment Information – Print these out and bring them to the encampment

Encampment Equipment Packing List

Prohibited Items List

Encampment Rules


Encampment E-Mail: